MIT labs Date: 09/08/19

MIT labs along with our D.Pharm students for the purpose of laboratory visit. During this visit various equipments like HPLC,GC, IR, GC-MS, LAF etc. was shown.. The staff of laboratory was very co-operative and they explain in detail about equipments in laborotory.

Outcome: Students got knowledge from laborotory about internal organization of lab, working of various machinaries, equipments and related documentation; also scope of pharmacy in research.

Seminar on medical coding Date: 31/01/20

The students get knowledge about the scope of pharmacy in medical coding. Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis ,procedure,medical services ,and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. They explain the job opportunities in the medical coding and also the functions ,work schedules ,positions ,locations of their branch,etc .

Outcome: students get aware about the expanding field of pharmacy -MEDICAL CODING