Pharmacognosy is one of the five major divisions of the pharmaceutical curriculum, represents the oldest branch of the profession of pharmacy. The ancients gathered herbs, animals, plants, and minerals and concocted them into ill-flavored pungent mixtures.

Department of Pharmacognosy has several areas of specialization such as Photochemistry, Natural Products Synthesis, Biotechnology and Cell Culture, Marine Natural Product Chemistry, Standardization of Herbs and Herbarium. WHO has estimated that majority of all the global inhabitants depend on curative natural systems of medicine for their primary health needs and these systems are largely of traditional origin. The department of Pharmacognosy focuses on research based on evaluation of medicinal plants including isolation, purification, identification and structural elucidation of bioactive molecules and development & standardization of herbal formulations.

For the systematic study of crude drugs and research point of view we have developed a medicinal herbal garden. This herbal garden has more than 51medicinal herbs. It’s showing itself beauty and quality of department.

Major Equipments used in Pharmacognosy

  • Microscope with stage micrometer.
  • Digital Balance.
  • Autoclave.
  • Hot air oven.
  • Laminar air flow.
  • Colony counter.
  • Flourimeter.
  • Micropipettes (Single and multi channeled) Micro Centrifuge.
  • Projection Microscope.