Pharmaceutics Department

A branch that deals with production of any formulation from New Chemical Entity (NCE) or any old drug to be used safely and effectively in patients is Pharmaceutics. It is a science of designing a new dosage form. This department is continuously remain engaged in research and academic activities. The department includes research in direction of.

  •   Pre-formulation studies.
  •   Development of different pharmaceutical dosage forms including novel and nanotechnology based drug delivery systems.
  •   Evaluation of developed dosage forms with respect to various in vitro and in vivo parameters.
  •   Studying the biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic aspects of the drug as well as its dosage forms.
  •    To be the interface between industry, academics and healthcare system.

Thus, this field encourages young scientists towards new ways of development in pharmaceuticals.
Major Equipment Used In pharmaceutics

Sr. no. Name of Instrument
1 Dissolution Apparatus.
3 Disintegration apparatus.
4 Tablet punching machine.
5 U-V Spectrophotometer.
6 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophometer.
7 Magnetic stirrers.
8 Friablator.
9 Sieve analyzer.
10 Brookfield’s viscometer.