Shreeyash Pratishthan’s

Shreeyash Institute of Oharmaceutical Education and Research, Aurangabad

Guest Lestures List

Sr. No. Topic Name of the Guest/Speaker Designation of Guest/Speaker Month/Year
1 Meditation and Relaxation Mr. Arun Kumar Chauhan Co-coordinator, Heart fullness Institute August/2017
2 Personality Development Dr. Shahi Sadhana Associate Professor (Government College of Pharmacy) Sep/2017
3 Financial Development Mr. Shejule Subhash Senior Officer, Securities and exchange Board of India (SEBI). March/2018
4 Eye Diseases and it’s awareness Dr. Sandeep Tathe Contacare Eye Hospital, Aurangabad April/2018
5 Overview of Pharmaceutical Industries Mr. Sachin Thorat Senior Scientist, Harman Finochem Ltd., Aurangabad. April/2018
6 Awareness and motivation about blood donation Dr. Shradha Paralikar Blood Transfusion Officer, Dattaji Bhale Blood Bank, Aurangabad. Sep/2018
7 Thinking Out of the box Mr. Vedant Jahagirdar CEO, Founder team member, Coding Vision, Aurangabad. Sep/2018
8 Career Opportunities in Clinical, Pre-clinical and in Allied Subject Mr. Pathan Azhar Khan Director, Pristyn Research Solution, Pune. March/2019
9 Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Mr. Vaibhav Shinde Executive Officer Quality Assurance, Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd, Pune. March/2019



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